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Hi !
I'm Enzo, recently graduated from fine art school of Lyon in graphic design bachelor, I enter a graphic design master degree diploma in fine art school of Besançon.
Regular listener of radio, convinced of the imminent collapse of capitalism and patriarchy, I believe in karma and epiphanies, I am Virgo ascendant Libra and my moon is a lion (I read astral charts and can draw the cards). Cheap queen but chic guy, I'm concerned about gender identity and how I can explore it with graphic design. I read a lot of sociology and philosophy (about gender and language: my main neurosis). In my practice I explore the dissemination and creation of new knowledge in editorial objects. I claim a position of graphic designer actor of society, conscientious and attentive to the issues of the future.

Contact me here :

School years :

2020/2022Graphic Design Master, fine art school of Besançon (Isba), France.

2018/2020Graphic Design Bachelor, fine art school of Lyon (Ensba), France.

/ Parade Paradis, collective.
/ CorpCorp, graphic design student organisation of fine art school of Lyon.
/ Affluence, association which aims to create multidisciplinary, artistic and cultural events.

2016/2018A 2 years advanced technician's certificate in graphic design,
at La Martinière-Diderot, Lyon, France.

2015/20161 year applied arts upgrade at Louis Pasteur high school, Besançon, France.

Professional background :

2019/2020La fête du papier with CorpCorp (cancelled due to quarantine).

Workshop with Manon Bruet and Virginie Gauthier.

Parade Paradis in New York :
live event at Emily Harvey Foundation.

Summer 2019Postman in Besançon, what a great experience.

Summer 2019Internship with Clara Pacotte :
design of a SF short story Le Parking, étage 63.

Summer 2018Postman in Besançon, what a great experience.

Summer 2017Internship with Monsieur Gentil :
print and digital design.

2016/2017Typeface workshop with Atelier Chambre Noire.

Internship in a printing company in Brittany, l’Imprimerie de Basse Bretagne.