100 genres !

From there, you wanted to question the identity itself, at least the structures of its representation. How to create one? How to explain that this is only a construction that depends on the context? Through a process of hybridization, you have mixed up faces. From 6 you are 142,506. This is the population of a city, again these are pipe dreams, on the scale of a city. From this process you made ID cards, because of a society where this is what identifies as a person. Its content is to be questioned. You tried to use the system, to create a projection. Because it's a classification, the data of which is arbitrarily produced by a selection of characteristics. Could the representation of identity boil down to this? Your rule of the game is these hybrid faces, the assembly of the content is randomly, creating hundreds of alternative and common identities.

May 2019
Print in risography and inkjet, ID cards 10.5x7.4cm 250 copies.